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Michael Kiebler

Selected Publications



Staufen2 deficiency leads to impaired response to novelty in mice.
Popper B, Demleitner A, Bolivar VJ, Kusek G, Snyder-Keller A, Schieweck R, Temple S, Kiebler MA.
Neurobiol Learn Mem. 2018 Feb 26. pii: S1074-7427(18)30047-9. doi: 10.1016/j.nlm.2018.02.027. [Epub ahead of print]
PMID: 29496644


Forebrain-specific, conditional silencing of Staufen2 alters synaptic plasticity, learning, and memory in rats.
Berger SM, Fernández-Lamo I, Schönig K, Fernández Moya SM, Ehses J, Schieweck R, Clementi S, Enkel T, Grothe S, von Bohlen Und Halbach O, Segura I, Delgado-García JM, Gruart A, Kiebler MA, Bartsch D.
Genome Biol. 2017 Nov 17;18(1):222. doi: 10.1186/s13059-017-1350-8.
PMID: 29149906

Pumilio2-deficient mice show a predisposition for epilepsy.
Follwaczny P, Schieweck R, Riedemann T, Demleitner A, Straub T, Klemm AH, Bilban M, Sutor B, Popper B, Kiebler MA.
Dis Model Mech. 2017 Nov 1;10(11):1333-1342. doi: 10.1242/dmm.029678. Epub 2017 Oct 18.
PMID: 29046322

A retained intron in the 3'-UTR of Calm3 mRNA mediates its Staufen2- and activity-dependent localization to neuronal dendrites.
Sharangdhar T, Sugimoto Y, Heraud-Farlow J, Fernández-Moya SM, Ehses J, Ruiz de Los Mozos I, Ule J, Kiebler MA.
EMBO Rep. 2017 Oct;18(10):1762-1774. doi: 10.15252/embr.201744334. Epub 2017 Aug 1.
PMID: 28765142


RNA Transport: From Head to Toe in Radial Glial Cells.
Ehses J, Kiebler MA, Fernández-Moya SM
Curr Biol. 2016;26(24): R1285-R1287


CLIPing Staufen to secondary RNA structures: Size and location matter!
Moya SandraMFer, Kiebler MichaelA
Bioessays. 2015;37(10): 1062-1066


The multifunctional Staufen proteins: conserved roles from neurogenesis to synaptic plasticity.
Heraud-Farlow JE, Kiebler MA
Trends Neurosci. 2014;37(9): 470-9

Meet the players: local translation at the synapse.
Fernandez-Moya SM, Bauer KE, Kiebler MA
Front Mol Neurosci. 2014;7: 84


Interactome of two diverse RNA granules links mRNA localization to translational repression in neurons.
Fritzsche R, Karra D, Bennett KL, Ang FY, Heraud-Farlow JE, Tolino M, Doyle M, Bauer KE, Thomas S, Planyavsky M, Arn E, Bakosova A, Jungwirth K, Hörmann A, Palfi Z, Sandholzer J, Schwarz M, Macchi P, Colinge J, Superti-Furga G, Kiebler MA
Cell Rep. 2013;5(6): 1749-62

Staufen2 regulates neuronal target RNAs.
Heraud-Farlow JE, Sharangdhar T, Li X, Pfeifer P, Tauber S, Orozco D, Hörmann A, Thomas S, Bakosova A, Farlow AR, Edbauer D, Lipshitz HD, Morris QD, Bilban M, Doyle M, Kiebler MA
Cell Rep. 2013;5(6): 1511-8

What, where, and when: the importance of post-transcriptional regulation in the brain.
Kiebler MA
, Scheiffele P, Ule J
Front Neurosci. 2013;7: 192


Segregation of the double-stranded RNA-binding protein Stau2 during mammalian asymmetric neural stem cell division promotes lineage progression and differentiation.
Kusek G, Campbell M, Doyle F, Tenenbaum S, Kiebler MA, Temple S
(2012).  Cell Stem Cell 11, 505-16.

An asymmetrically-localized Staufen2-dependent RNA complex regulates maintenance of mammalian neural stem cells.
Vessey JP, Amadei G, Burns S, Kiebler MA, Kaplan DR Miller FD
(2012) Cell Stem Cell 11, 517-28.


Mechanisms of dendritic mRNA transport and its role in synaptic tagging (Review).
Doyle M and Kiebler MA.
(2011)  EMBO J. 30: 3540-52 (Part of a Focus issue on Transport, September issue)


Mammalian Pumilio2 regulates dendrite morphogenesis and synaptic function.
Vessey J, Schoderböck L, Gingl E, Luzi E, Riefler J, Di Leva F, Karra D, Thomas S, Kiebler MA and Macchi P.
(2010)  PNAS 107: 3222-7.


A loss of function allele for murine Staufen1 leads to impairment of dendritic Staufen1-RNP delivery and dendritic spine morphogenesis.
Vessey JP, Macchi P, Stein JM, Hawker KN, Vogelsang P, Aparicio S, Abel T, Kiebler MA.
(2008)  PNAS 105:16374-9.


The dendritic spine-associated GTPase Septin 7 is crucial for dendrite branching and dendritic spine morphology (Report).
Xie Y, Vessey JP, Konecna A, Dahm R, Macchi P, and Kiebler MA
(2007).  Curr. Biol. 17, 1746-51.


Neuronal RNA granules: movers and makers (Mini-Review).
Kiebler MA
and Bassell GJ
(2006).  Neuron 51, 685-690.

The brain specific double-stranded RNA binding protein Staufen2 is required for dendritic spine morphogenesis.
Goetze B, Tuebing F, Xie Y, Dorostkar MM, Thomas S, Pehl U, Boehm S, Macchi P, and Kiebler MA
(2006).  J. Cell Biol. 172, 221-231.

A brain-specific microRNA regulates dendritic spine development.
Schratt G, Tuebing F, Nigh EA, Kane C, Sabatini MW, Kiebler MA and Greenberg ME
(2006).  Nature 439, 283-289.


Cell biology: silenced RNA on the move.
Dahm R, and Kiebler M.
(2005).  Nature 438, 432-5 (News & Views to Hüttelmaier et al. (Singer lab), Nature 438, 512-5.


Barentsz, a new component of the Staufen-containing ribonucleoprotein particles in mammalian cells, interacts with Staufen in a RNA-dependent manner.
Macchi P, Kröning S, Palacios I, Baldassa S, Grunewald B, Ambrosino C, Goetze B, Lupas A, St Johnston D and Kiebler MA
(2003).  J. Neurosci. 23, 5778-5788.

Isolation and characterization of Staufen-containing ribonucleoprotein particles from rat brain.
Mallardo M, Deitinghoff A, Müller J, Goetze B, Macchi P, Peters C and Kiebler MA.
(2003).  Proc. Natl. Acad. Sci. USA 100, 2100-2105.


Molecular insights into mRNA transport and local translation in the mammalian nervous system
Kiebler MA
and DesGroseillers L
(2000)  (Review). Neuron 25, 19-28.


Microtubule-dependent recruitment of Staufen-GFP into large RNA-containing granules and subsequent dendritic transport in living hippocampal neurons.
Köhrmann M, Luo M, Kaether C, DesGroseillers L, Dotti CG and Kiebler MA
(1999)  Mol. Biol. Cell 10, 2945-2953.

The mammalian Staufen protein localizes to the somatodendritic domain of cultured hippocampal neurons: implications for its involvement in mRNA transport.
Kiebler M, Hemraj I, Verkade P, Köhrmann M, Fortes P, Marión RM, Ortín J, Dotti CG
(1999)  J. Neuroscience 19, 288-297.

The mitochondrial receptor complex: a central role of MOM22 in mediating transfer of preproteins from receptors to the general insertion pore, Cell 74
Kiebler M
, Keil P, Schneider H, van der Klei I, Pfanner N and Neupert W
(1993) , 483-492.


"Identification of a mitochondrial receptor complex required for recognition and membrane insertion of precursor proteins".
Kiebler M
, Pfaller R, Söllner T, Griffith G, Horstmann H, Pfanner N and Neupert W
(1990)  Nature 348, 610-616.